Thursday, 13 January 2011

Research and Development

Keeping track on my research needs I'll be posting up the solution's and tests to solve the problems i am faced with.


- nCloth for the dancers skirt
- How best to rig up the shoe and animate the ribbons so they look like they move like ribbons. Try ribbon spine, could use IK spline but akward to control. Try deformers on rig too - reference to Digital Tutors cartoon rig?
- Shaders for clothing and shoe textures? Cel shading - toon shader?
- Test how to bring my own mesh onto DT Blue rig, re sizing rig.

I am going to try different setups for the ribbon and animate to see which will give me the control and the look i want. I have thought about perhaps adding the ribbon arms in post production, but then i would have to investigate further into keeping in with the style and how that would be done effectively.

As for shaders i will render still frames out to see how they look and whether they're getting the style.

I don't want the film to look like any generic animation piece as it'd be nice to mix it up a little and bring in scanned textures or create my own painted in photoshop or again painted then scanned. I really like the warmth and style in Degas' paintings.

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